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Speedwerx Wildcat XX Exhaust header

304 stainless steel header is simply one of the nicest exhaust parts you will ever see. It features CNC machined flanges, stepped diameter equal length primary tubes, and a 3-into-1 merge collector to maximize overall power and performance. All joints are hand-prepped and sand rolled prior to the purge TIG welding process, so you get great looking welds and the smoothest surface possible inside of the tubes- just like our race car headers that have won hundreds of races across the country. You can expect up to a 12 peak and 18 midrange horsepower gain when combined with one of our slip-on mufflers, the High Flow Intake, and a Power Commander fuel controller- check out our Stage 2 Exterminator Kit to get the complete performance package. As with almost all of our parts, this header is 100% Made in the USA!

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